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3 big things that make a difference

Worried about being able to top up your pre-payment meter? We know that there is lots of advice about what to do and who to contact but we wanted to share the three big things that we have found have made a difference.

1. Contact your supplier. They might be able to help!

  • They can reduce any weekly charges for an old debt to something that is affordable for you today.
  • They might be able to provide a discretionary credit to you if you are struggling, although this may need to be repaid.

2. Make sure that you are getting everything you can.

  • Use the Turn2Us benefits checker to make sure that you are receiving the maximum.
  • Have kids? Speak to your school about Free School Meals, or to the NHS for Healthy Start or Best Start vouchers for pre-schoolers or if you’re pregnant.

3. Reduce what you spend on energy.

  • Keep curtains drawn to keep in heat and keep out drafts.
  • If you rent your home report badly fitting windows and doors to your landlord.


You can find out more information on our website, via the individuals page which contains more advice to help you to get on top of things.