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We believe that “being warm should be the norm” and call on the next government to transform, once and for all, the lives of people in fuel crisis.

For people who prepay for their energy, having no money to top up their meter or pay for a bulk delivery of fuel, can mean having to live without heat, light and power. This is fuel crisis.

We are entering this election with unacceptable levels of fuel poverty and fuel crisis. The general election is our opportunity to ensure the next government puts this issue at the heart of their vision and deliver change.

Without access to energy, people are trapped in a life of destitution – living in a cold, damp home, with no means to cook or clean their homes, or even themselves. But with reliable, sustainable access to energy, they have a far better chance of escaping poverty and living a happier, healthier life.

As a charity, we’re determined to drive change and find a longer-term solution, enabling our clients to help themselves and get them out of the fuel crisis cycle. The need for support is increasing, but funding to support people living in fuel crisis is diminishing.

We work closely with the people we support to give them a voice to tell their story and ensure the reality of their situation is represented in our campaigning and influencing work. This has been fundamental in helping us shape our manifesto to outline a clear plan of action.

The people we support

We have seen a 40% increase in demand for financial support in the last 12 months1

6m households in the UK are in fuel poverty, up from 4.5 million in  October 20212

66% of the people we support are not working and in receipt of benefits

We're calling on whoever forms the next government to make sure that:

Ask 1

The journey to Net Zero is fair and equitable to all, especially for low-income and vulnerable households.

Ask 2

They urgently invest in energy efficiency upgrades for the hardest to heat properties.

Ask 3

People don’t fear falling cold: support is always available to address fuel crisis.

Support our campaign

Fuel poverty and fuel crisis must be at the top of the political agenda. We will be sharing our manifesto with every political party and requesting to meet in person to explore how they will meet our manifesto recommendations and ensure they commit to take action.

Living in fuel crisis can leave people feeling powerless. The general election gives you the power to change things.

Share our manifesto

Share our manifesto with your followers across your social channels using the hashtag #ENDFUELCRISIS

We would also be very grateful if you could share our manifesto with your local prospective MP. You can find out who that is and how to contact them here.

Read our full manifesto

140% increase from 1st January – 20th May 2024 compared to the same period in 2023
2Ofgem, 2023 figures