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Fuel Bank responds to drive change

June 20, 2023

Fuel Bank responds to drive change Featured Image

We responded to Ofgem’s consultation on a framework for consumer standards.

We were able to feed in the evidence we have gained through our work that there are inconsistencies between suppliers in the level of service and quality of support provided to prepayment meter customers. We firmly believe that prepayment meters are not in themselves bad (many of our clients tell us that they like them as they value having control over how they pay for their energy). But, given the severe consequences of not being able to top up, we believe that suppliers must offer as much support as possible to prevent self-disconnections.

We also wrote to Amanda Solloway (the Minister for energy consumers and affordability) to tell her about our campaign to remind our clients to redeem their Energy Bill Support Scheme vouchers before they expire at the end of this month. We asked for the value of any unredeemed vouchers to be given to charities like ours, rather than be returned to the Treasury.

We continue our work to influence stakeholders including government and the energy regulator to better understand fuel crisis and to drive long term positive change and campaign for policies that aim to prevent fuel crisis.