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Repeat fuel vouchers totalled £2.2 million in additional support

June 20, 2023

Repeat fuel vouchers totalled £2.2 million in additional support Featured Image

To help ease financial pressure for our clients over winter, Fuel Bank Foundation provided additional support to people by issuing a repeat fuel voucher. Previous recipients of a voucher automatically received another without having to reapply.

Over a 12-week period, 48,000 repeat fuel vouchers were awarded, totalling £2.2 million in additional financial support.

"The repeat voucher scheme was born out of the fact that due to the higher energy prices the value of our fuel vouchers has reduced. Previously, a £49 voucher would, on average, provide up to ten days’ worth of gas and electricity, but now it’s less than half that."
Matt Cole, head of Fuel Bank Foundation

He continued “Recognising this, we decided to automatically issue another voucher a week after the first was received to cover any potential shortfall in credit on the meter. This has been well received by clients, who have greatly appreciated the additional support.”