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Help to support you through the winter

Worried about the rising costs of energy? We know that people are going through difficult times right now so we have put key information below to provide some help this winter.

Energy bill discount

To help with the rising cost of living, the government is giving you a £400 non-repayable discount on your energy bill.

Energy Price Guarantee. What is it and how will it affect me?

The government has announced a new ‘Energy Price Guarantee’ to support people with the rising cost of energy.

Stay Safe: Carbon Monoxide awareness

If you use gas in your home, you need to be aware of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and know how to keep safe.

If appliances aren’t serviced, fitted or used properly they can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Energy supplier contact details

E (Gas and Electricity)


Utility Warehouse