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Please advise clients to speak to their energy supplier

June 20, 2023

Please advise clients to speak to their energy supplier Featured Image

It is important that, alongside support from Fuel Bank, clients are speaking to their energy supplier.

This is important for all clients, but especially if the client has built up debt on their meter. This could be standing charge debt if they’ve been off supply for a while, emergency credit which needs to be paid back, or they are paying back debt from a credit meter using a prepayment meter.

They need to speak to their supplier prior to topping up to ensure that they get full use of the credit – without speaking to their supplier first to create a debt repayment plan, there is a risk that the credit will be used up on repaying debt, rather than getting the lights back on.

When creating a debt repayment plan, suppliers must take into consideration the client’s circumstances and their ability to repay, it is important that the client is working with them to make sure it’s suitable.

For extra help and support, please refer the client to the Extra Support leaflet.

If you or the client need to get in touch with us the Fuel Bank Helpline number is 0300 123 7597 (option 6 to speak to someone).

For specific voucher queries or requests for support: