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Energy Bills Support Scheme Campaign

March 28, 2023

Energy Bills Support Scheme Campaign Featured Image

Our clients could be missing out on £400 from the government’s Energy Bills Support Scheme.

The Energy Bills Support Scheme is a £400 discount due to 28 million eligible households in Great Britain. But 2 million monthly vouchers sent to prepayment customers have not yet been redeemed.

We’re concerned that hundreds of thousands of people with traditional prepayment electricity meters are missing out on this vital support.


What is the Energy Bills Support Scheme?

  • To help with the rising cost of living, the government is giving all UK households a £400 non-repayable discount on their electricity bills.
  • All UK households with an electricity connection in England, Scotland and Wales are eligible. 
  • It is paid in six monthly instalments which started in October 2022 and finished in March 2023 to help households through winter.
  • All vouchers must be used by 30th June

We will be launching a campaign in the coming weeks, amongst our client base, to ensure that they have received their vouchers and advise them on how to claim them if they haven’t. More details to follow.

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