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Fuel Bank’s Response To The General Election 2024

July 8, 2024

Fuel Bank’s Response To The General Election 2024 Featured Image

‘We’re ready to work with the new government to end the scandal of fuel crisis.’

Commenting on the result of the General Election, Matthew Cole, Head of Fuel Bank Foundation, said:

“Last week, the British people went to the polls and overwhelmingly voted for a change of government.

“The Labour party won a landslide victory, securing 412 seats, the biggest majority any British government has ever secured. This gives the party a clear mandate to push through the policies on which it has been elected. As the party of change, it must now deliver on its promises.

“The country faces many challenges, both foreign and domestic, but chief among the new government’s priorities must be tackling the inequality that still exists in the energy market and easing the burden of higher fuel bills on low income and vulnerable households.

In our ‘Manifesto to End Fuel Crisis’ we highlighted three key areas for the government to prioritise, including making the journey to net zero fair and equitable for all, investing in a national energy efficiency programme to upgrade the poorest performing homes, and ensuring everybody has enough money to keep warm by providing targeted financial support for those most in need.
We therefore welcome the Labour Party’s commitment to cutting fuel bills for families by investing £6.6bn to upgrade five million homes over the term of this parliament. Aligned to this, its Warm Homes Plan will offer grants and low interest loans to support investment in insulation and other green energy home improvements, which will further help reduce household fuel bills.

“We also welcome the party’s promise to reduce standing charges, which are a big issue for the energy sector, by working with Ofgem and also strengthening the energy regulator’s powers so it can better hold companies to account and improve protections for consumers.

Fuel Bank Foundation is ready to work with the new government to end the scandal of fuel crisis. Working in partnership, we can make rationing energy and the truly saddening effects of living without heat, light and power a distant memory.”