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Claim your Energy Voucher Day

June 20, 2023

Claim your Energy Voucher Day Featured Image

In April, we launched an awareness campaign to inform our clients about the Government’s Energy Bill Support Scheme (EBSS), after figures from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero showed that millions of vouchers for prepayment meter customers have gone unclaimed.

In addition to SMS and email messages being sent to clients, we set up a dedicated web page with useful information about how to access the vouchers, who to contact and the deadlines for claiming and redeeming them.

Over the past 6 weeks, we have contacted over 80k clients to make sure they have received their £400 Energy Bills Support Scheme funding and we have given support and guidance on how to get the funding if they haven’t. 30th June was the final date on which prepayment meter customers can redeem their EBSS vouchers.

On 31st May, the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero launched a ‘Claim your Energy Voucher Day’ as a final push to increase redemption rates for prepayment customers make sure that all of those who are eligible, receive the support to which they are entitled. It was a way for Government, consumer groups and suppliers to unite communications efforts to raise awareness and amplify the message.